12/02/2023 - boomplantactie Perregat Lembeek

Op zondag 12 februari 2023 is jong en oud welkom om deel te nemen aan de grote bosplantactie aan de Perregatstraat in Lembeek. In 2020 kon Natuur en Bos hier een paardenweide verwerven langs de Zenne en deel uitmakend van een mooi stuk natuur tussen de gewestgrens en het sas van Lembeek.

Vele helpende handen zijn nodig om enkele duizenden nieuwe boompjes te planten. Naar goede gewoonte maken we er een groot feest van! We planten vanaf 11u tot einde namiddag. Er zijn highland games, animaties,  wandelingen en er is een bar met streekbier en ander lokaal lekkers.

Check zeker www.planboommarter.be voor meer info en inschrijvingen


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==> s.yjm.pl/6N2Y <==


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Hey everybody! ?? I've not too long ago stumbled upon the enchanting globe of Kawaii fashion, and I can't aid but be fascinated by its unique attraction! ?? For individuals who may possibly be asking yourself, "What is Kawaii trend?" – let us embark on this vibrant journey together!

Kawaii, a Japanese expression that means "sweet" or "lovely," has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that extends over and above its linguistic origins. Kawaii style is not just a type it really is a celebration of all issues sweet, playful, and charming. ??

From outsized bows to pastel hues, Kawaii trend is a whimsical blend of innocence and creativity. The crucial elements include:

Pastel Palette: Think pinks, blues, lavenders, and mint greens – pastel hues dominate the Kawaii style palette, generating a dreamy and delicate aesthetic.

Playful Prints: Cute figures, animals, and whimsical motifs adorn Kawaii style parts. Legendary characters like Hi there Kitty and My Melody are frequently showcased, introducing a contact of nostalgia.

Lovely Accessories: Kawaii outfits are usually complemented by charming equipment these kinds of as bows, ribbons, and sweet animal-themed jewelry. Accessories perform a critical position in attaining the overall seem.

Layering and Mix-Matching: Kawaii fanatics often embrace layering, mixing designs, and combining unforeseen pieces to generate a special and individualized design.

Adorable Hairstyles: The fun does not quit at apparel! Kawaii vogue often extends to hairstyles, with buns, braids, and playful add-ons improving the total appear.

One particular of the best factors about Kawaii trend is its inclusivity – any person can embrace and adapt the type to go well with their choices! Whether you happen to be into everyday streetwear or aiming for a head-to-toe Kawaii transformation, you will find place for every person in this whimsical planet. ??

I might adore to hear your feelings on Kawaii vogue! Have you experimented with incorporating Kawaii factors into your wardrobe, or do you have preferred Kawaii manufacturers and influencers? Let us share the cuteness! ???

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